What are the important facts about tattoo sunscreens?

Protecting a tattoo especially during summer is quite a challenging thing. During the summer time, the heat outside remains and if you are a regular office goer then in that case you certainly have to make some great arrangements for keeping your tattoos covered.

 Wearing full length clothes during summer is not always possible as the sweating increases on one hand and on the other hand you might feel suffocating due to heat. In this case, only a tattoo sunscreen can help you out and can save your tattoo from UV-rays even if the area is opened under the sun.

During summer, many people love practicing swimming. The good news is that now these sunscreens can be applied over tattoos even before you go for swimming. The applied part will remain intact and the cream will not get washed off. There are few brands that make waterproof sunscreens for tattoo protection. These sunscreens can even stand sweat especially during the practice of strenuous exercises at gyms or home.

Many people ask this question that whether kids having tattoos can use these sunscreens or not. The answer is yes. The modern tattoo sunscreens are quite safe for the kids to use but the quantity needs to be regulated as per the given instruction.  Existing burns on tattoos do not require sunscreens rather they are in need of proper treatment and compete healing. For removing the burn marks you need to apply different medicated creams but for future protection against sunburns you can certainly rely upon tattoo sunscreens.

Importance of tattoo sunscreens in life:

Tattooed people who avoid using a tattoo sunscreen as a part of their tattoo-care routine often found their tattoos burnt with passage of time. The body-ink even gets highly distorted disturbing the overall tattoo look. It is the tattoo-makers who usually give this warning that if proper sunscreen is not applied over the tattooed areas then the tattoo might not last for long and sometimes the ramifications are even more than that.

Tattoo sunscreens have been found to be quite useful these days. There are some sunscreens that cater two-in-one effect to your skin. Skin burns are kept away on one hand and on the other hand necessary moisture remains locked within your skin as a result of which your skin will never get dry. You should make its application a regular habit otherwise you might get deprived from the desirable impact.

High-quality sunscreens are always suggested for daily usage. Your tattoo will shine and the skin texture will go on improving with the use of these sunscreens. Tattoo discoloration will never happen and this is a great advantage especially for those who want to continue with the same tattoo for a longer period of time. When you will go for a tattoo removal then also your skin will not get hurt due to the sufficient moisture content locked within the underlying skin-cells.

Skin tanning will make the tattoo look bizarre and this look will automatically create a direct impact on your overall beautification. You do not have to visit to your dermatologist’s chamber again and again if you are a regular use of this sunscreen. This is how you can save a lot of bucks on your skin-care expenses. No dangerous or complicated skin diseases will be ever experienced. In fact, your skin will get a complete freedom from ageing signs. Your skin will remain firm and smooth displaying the tattoo in quite a brighter manner.

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Vital facts to be known:

  • Immediately after having a new tattoo you cannot apply the sunscreen rather you require waiting few weeks till the tattoo gets adjusted to your body without any complication. If any complication arises anyhow then it needs to be resolved first and then only you can think of using the sunscreen. New tattoos need to be treated much carefully. Now, in the market some sunscreens are available that are solely meant for new or fresh tattoos. You can use them initially till your tattoo gets older.
  • Not only sunscreen can save your tattooed skin from sunburns rather you got to follow some other instructions as well. Drinking adequate water for the whole day is needed for keeping the internal body hydrated. Maintaining healthy food is required so that your skin can receive necessary nutrients and can become healthy and supple. If you read out the online guidelines then you would get to know about many more caring tips that can boost up the sunscreen effect to a great height. Some tattoo sunscreens cannot be bought without any proper prescription. If your skin is healthy then you can use OTC sunscreen products available locally but if you have any skin condition then only the prescribed ones will be the right option for you.
  • If you have tattoos in the most hairy parts of your body then in that case you can apply the gel form for convenience. Gels not only take good care of the tattoos but also protect the hair. In fact, dry skin issue will not be faced at all with gel application. Sprays are also good to use but the products gets finished much quickly in compare to the gel or cream form. Sprays can be carried all across and they can be applied easily. But do not ever use them near heat otherwise you might experience unwanted fiery incidents that might make you injured badly. On the other hand, sprays might get into your respiratory tract at the time of inhaling and this situation might also bring dangerous consequences. To be more specific, if you are fond of spray sunscreens on tattoos then in that case you should learn the correct usage of the same. You need to consider few important things for making it use correctly and safely.
  • Tattoo sunscreens are of varied kinds and you should learn about all the categories available in the market so that you can pick the most appropriate one for your tattoos. In this respect, online surfing can be very much helpful for you as you can receive a lot of potential information. Choosing the safest and long-lasting option would be certainly a smart move. The one with natural ingredients can work best on any skin type. Physical sunscreens for tattoo protection are found to be much better than that of the chemical ones. Mineral sunscreens do not have any harmful chemicals in them and this is why they are getting the highest acceptability these days. They are very much smooth over the tattoos as they glide easily and they also help in maintaining the tattoo glow and skin softness for several hours. Medicated sunscreens have also become a popular choice these days and if you want to stay at the safer end then you can obviously go for them over others.
  • If your skin is extremely prone towards allergies or the skin’s sensitivity level is high, then do not pick any random tattoo sunscreen from the market rather you have to listen to your doctor’s recommendations so that you can act accordingly. Your doctor can guide you in a right direction and this is how you can get the best sunscreen that suits your skin type the most. For extremely dry skins also extra caution needs to be adopted while choosing tattoo sunscreens.
  • Extremely strong sunscreens are not to be used. Sunscreens loaded with chemicals are not to be recommended at all. You should always stay away from them. Chemical oriented sunscreens increase the toxic level of your skin as a result of which the tattoo gets disturbed to a great extent. Sometimes, the tattoos become fully dull and distorted in look due to the continuous usage of these sunscreens.
  • Tattoo sunscreens can be applied only on healthy skin. If your skin is ill from the very beginning then you might experience unwanted reactions especially in the form of allergies. In that scenario you cannot blame the brand or the product. This warning is usually catered by the skin experts so that the patients can stay away from awful consequences.
  • If you have been instructed in applying any ointment over your tattoo then you must ask your doctor once that whether after the ointment application you can apply the sunscreen or not. If yes then after how many hours. The ointment’s ingredients might react badly with the sunscreen’s ingredient and therefore in order to avoid the reaction you should follow the same on a sincere note.
  • Overpriced or high price sunscreens are not always the safest option. Every individual’s skin type and texture vary from one to another. Therefore, considering the skin type is the most important amongst all. Going for the reputed ones is definitely a great move but you should not make selection without making a proper research as it would be foolish move. It might happen that any low priced sunscreen suits your skin the most then you should continue using it only.
  • FDA administered sunscreens are the perfect solution that can prevent tattoo tanning safely. FDA registered brands will always include FDA label over their products in order to maintain acute authenticity. Hence, when you are purchasing the tattoo sunscreens you must choose only those products that have got the label in them. FDA examines all the sunscreen ingredients thoroughly for finding out that whether any harmful elements have been included or not. On the other hand, the product claims are also being verified by making multiple tests. Those products that pass out the tests properly are only allowed to get launched in the market. This point is really quite useful and you should keep it in mind while buying any branded sunscreen for tattoos. In fact, it is an advice from the dermatologists’’ end only.
  • Many people are of this opinion that the sunscreen protection lasts for the whole day but this is not true. For some sunscreens, the effect lasts for two to three hours while for others it might last for eight hours as well. But no sunscreen layer protection lasts for a whole day. Thus, you need to keep on applying the sunscreen after every few hours. The layer will not only protect your tattoo from burns but will also keep the part hydrated and healthy. Each time you should clean the place for removing the dust or dirt and then after you can apply the product. You must use a mild soap for cleaning the tattoo area or normal water wash will also do.
  • SPF is one of the most important factors on the basis of which the strength and effectiveness of the sunscreen can be decided. Melanoma risk can be reduced to almost 50% if the SPF is higher. In most of the cases, dermatologists give advice of picking the sunscreen with more than 30 SPF. Skin cancer and ageing issues from sun burns can be easily prevented with proper SPF selection. In short, the protection guard on your tattoos will get doubled if you gain success in choosing the right SPF. UV-rays are being filtered properly as a result of which you feel only the natural-light even you are under the sun. SPF is the elements that make the filtration done.

There are many more facts that you got to know about tattoo sunscreens. The above information is helpful especially for first-time users. Your doctor will make you understand about the scientific reason behind the sunscreen usage over tattoos. Both covered and exposed tattoo parts are in need of sunscreen application. Only after the sunscreen get completely absorbed then only other creams can be applied. If you have recently gone through any cosmetic treatment or else you are pregnant then you should ask your skin-specialist once that what kind of sunscreen to be applied. Sometimes, the skin-specialist also instructs many such patents to stay away from sunscreens for a certain period of time. The cap of the sunscreen bottle should be tightly placed so that the product inside remains in a good condition.  For more details, you can check out the FAQ section of those sites where different kinds of tattoo sunscreen are being sold.

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