Watch Sky Go Abroad

Sky Go is a hugely popular content streaming service out of the UK. The service is operated by Sky UK which is one of the largest and most influential TV providers in the region. Similar to Comcast in the U.S., Sky UK has a firm grip on the entertainment market and a case could easily be made that it is one of the most powerful content companies in Europe. Sky Go allows Sky UK subscription holders to take their viewing on the road with them, wherever they happen to end up. Of course, there is one caveat; Sky Go only streams to UK connections and a handful of other European countries. 

How to Watch Sky Go Abroad

To watch Sky Go abroad, you will need a subscription with the service first. After that, you will need a VPN service to get past Sky Go’s pesky geo-blocking tech.

Why Geographical Restrictions

Put shortly, geographical restrictions are in place to protect the rights of the content providers and for Sky to maintain its contractual agreements with their content providing clientele. To maintain trust and exclusivity with the content providers and content they are able to show, Sky UK is quite careful about maintain its agreements. Fortunately, with plenty of tools at our disposable, it is possible to get past Sky’s attempts to block connections. All that is usually required is a subscription with a good VPN service. 

Subscription-based Viewing

The subscription is the most difficult piece of the puzzle as you must be a UK resident to create an account with Sky. Like many other cable companies, Sky is a service that requires proof of address. For UK residents, of course, this is not an issue. Therefore, this guide is aimed primarily at UK residents who travel or who are planning to spend time in another country. 

Use a VPN

Once the Sky TV subscription is obtained, connecting to Sky Go with any of the available apps or devices is fairly simple. Using a VPN to hide the IP address of the device you are connecting from is the most straightforward path to enjoying Sky Go abroad. Sky Go only accepts connection from the UK, however, so it is imperative that you use a VPN service that has fast servers within the UK. Most decent VPN services maintain servers in the UK, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but the quality of those servers is not always equal. Some VPNs offer dedicated static IPs, where others offer somewhat random connections that seem to shift based on server load. Other considerations are speed, reliability and security.

Device Options for Sky Go

Connectivity aside, another question many users have concerns how to watch Sky Go abroad, from a device perspective. Sky allows for two registered devices per subscription. Possible devices include smart TVs, game consoles, mobile phones, laptops and tablets. To add additional devices to the service, an extra fee is required as the company offers a Sky Go Extra package for those with more robust needs. 

Final Thoughts

If you are from the UK and are hooked on what Sky Go has to offer, your best solution is to get a subscription with a reputable VPN service. Not only will you connections by more secure in general, but you will be able to access Sky Go abroad to your heart’s content. Not only that, but you’ll also get the chance to view content from other popular streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix. 

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