Top 5 Quirky Tattoo Ideas For Men

Getting a tattoo is a no-brainer for men these days and people are more willing to get inked than ever before. But, there are many things that you need to keep in mind when getting a new tattoo. If you have thought about all the other aspects but the design, then we can help you out. With so many different ideas that can look good on your body, take a look at the top 5 quirky tattoo ideas that are ideal for men.

  • Money Tattoo – money can make the world go round, isn’t it? If you have such a mindset, then getting a money tattoo is something you can try. Cash represents prosperity, success and a lot of wealth. It is a brilliant choice for those who have made it big after going through lot struggles in life. If you want to remind yourself about your ambitions and goals, then this is it.

  • Angel Tattoo – angel tattoos look great on both men and women. If you want to pay respect and honor someone you love, then angel tattoo is a great way to do it. There are many interpretations of an angel tattoo which can symbolize purity, supernatural phenomenon, and so on. Other than that, it can resemble guidance or protection. Angel tattoos require a big area for detailing, so get it done on your back, chest or shoulder.

  • Music Tattoo – music plays a very crucial role in the life of every single individual on this planet. It holds even greater significance for musicians and those who play different instruments. When you decide to get a music tattoo, you can be really creative with it. It can be infused with lyrics, flowers, quotes, and simple designs as well.

  • Arrow Tattoo – one of the most quirky tattoo ideas on this list is getting an arrow inked on your body. Arrows represent direction, speed, precision and other characteristics. There is a wide range of design options when it comes to getting an arrow tattoo. You can even go for a colored arrow tattoo. Arrow tattoos look sharp and very bold that revamps your entire appearance.

  • Feather Tattoo – feathers are elegant and aesthetic in every sense. They stand for freedom, travel and so on. Feather tattoos can be associated with a huge number of designs and other sets of interpretations. Thus, it can be a great tattoo idea for both men and women. Feathers also hold important significance in many cultures around the world like the Red Americans. You can get a feather inked on any part of your body regardless of the size.

So, these are the top 5 quirky tattoo ideas for men that you can think about. All of them are really meaningful and signify different values of life. Depending on your budget, thoughts, size you are comfortable with & other factors, you can select one of them. If you are looking for premium quality tattoo sunscreen online, then has the best collection for you at their website.

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