Three Reasons to Shoot in Manual Mode

One beautiful thing about photography is the power to control ones result despite the circumstances, and this is the freedom shooting a picture in manual mode gives. The camera allows one to shoot a photo in three ways which are automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes, where automatic mode provide no room for altering camera settings, semi-automatic allows only settings like aperture priority and shutter speed priority and manual mode gives room to adjust the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. For beginners in photography, starting with the automatic mode is advisable, but for experts, controlling the results through manual settings are essential. Below are three critical reasons to shoot in manual mode.

Absolute Control of Creativity

Photography entails creativity and the ability to take advantage of the factors around to get a beautiful result. Taking a picture in manual mode gives room to adjust the three main camera settings, that is, ISO, aperture and shutter speed as well as other settings like exposure. The exposure settings enable silhouette photographs.

Get Predictable Exposure

One thing about shooting in automatic mode is that it switches on the flashlight at the slightest hint of darkness, which in turn tempers with the exposure. Unlike automatic mode, the disclosure can be predicted in manual mode. As one master the art of photography, getting consistent exposure becomes a necessity for a professional photographer, and switching to manual mode is the only way to achieve this.

Adequate Use Of Light

Light is an essential element in photography. It determines the result of the photo, and it is a necessary factor to consider when using manual mode. Unlike automatic and semi-automatic mode, in cases of poor light, the suitable aperture, ISO and shutter speed can be set to work well with the condition.

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