The Misconception of Stereophonic Sounds

Often people have the misconception that incorporating stereophonic reproduction of sound is the correct and essential step towards perfecting the recording of monophonic sound. Most people believe that since we hear with two ears, the sound will be more natural if it is recorded with two microphones. In addition to this, it is also a common belief that stereophony is a scientific and natural phenomenon. However, both ideas are not correct. The reproduction of sound the way it is heard through a stereophonic sound reproduction is, in fact, a misconception. You can ask Art et Son about the misconception of stereophonic sound before you buy your preferred stereo system and then choose the right system.

The recording of sound is actually a duplication of sound. Therefore, while recording a sound, only sound can be duplicated and not the way or manner they are heard originally. The hearing is universally considered as the most important and powerful of the 5 total senses, and classically accepted as the key factor of communicating emotions and getting familiar. Eventually, the recordings of sounds serve the purposes of communication and generating a progressive outlook of the people.

In the contemporary time, the word stereo is normally used as a blanket designation for the entire reproductions of sounds which is in fact a misrepresentation. The stereo is actually only a medium to achieve the effect of directionality. The stereo can produce only the frontal as well as horizontal plane and it cannot reproduce the sounds that come from below, behind or above. Similarly, another common misconception is that the stereo signal is an entity that is complete and comprised of two incomplete halves of a complete signal. The truth is when two microphones are used in the recording the sound, each is a single and complete monophonic signal, independently documenting every bit of the sound.

Eventually, it is important to understand that there are no sources of sounds as stereo sounds. All sound sources are monophonic from any given positions. Even when in live sounds along with sound reproduction, the dimension and direction effects are produced or happens with the listener and not in the sources of sounds. The stereophonic signals actually do not comprise the stereophonic effects, rather it has two mono signals and will never produce stereophonic effects if played by themselves but produce stereophonic effects if played in two separate speakers. The spatial effects take place when two signals are separated in the space in relation to the listener and this effect changes in the changed position of the speaker and the listener.

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