Super Flea Market Finds

Flea Markets are great places to go shopping and looking for treasure. These markets are great places for people to sell the things they own, find, and inherit. That is why there is such a wide variety of things, new and used.

Why are they called flea markets or in Spanish La Pulga, because in the old days, I mean 100’s of years ago, sellers sold goods that might be infested with fleas, Pulgs is Spanish for flea. This is not the case today. Everything is new or slightly used. The atmosphere at most flea markets is almost a carnival type feeling. Everybody is happy and having fun. Kids are enjoying all the people and the surroundings also. Then there is the food. Most all flea markets I have been to have some sort of food vendors or BBQ or something. I used to go to a flea market, or in Spanish a La Pulga, in Merriam, Kansas that had a Spanish vendor that sold tamales. Real Mexican tamales.

You could get 12 homemade tamales for $6 dollars. It was a great deal and man.. were they good. So good we would eat them cold. Now a really good thing about flea markets is that you can become one of the vendors and make some money. Plus the bonus part is it gets rid of some of the clutter around your house. It’s a win/win situation.

The hunt is on. Whenever I get to a flea market I become a treasure hunter. I love to see what I can find. There are still a lot of people selling things that do not know, the value of, what they are selling. This is one of the reasons why I go to flea markets. There are lots of items that are way below their true value. Many people have made incredible finds searching flea markets. I have done it myself.

I enjoy the atmosphere of an open air market, as many flea markets are open air. This just makes it so much more enjoyable. I simply love to walk around through grass looking for things to buy. It just feels right.

 I have been to outdoor flea markets in West Virginia that were set in a wooded setting. You want to talk about the atmosphere. It was really neat. Vendors had their canopies tied up to the trees. There was a cool breeze blowing through the trees, it was awesome.

Most flea markets have food vendors mixed in between the merchandise vendors. Some even have food areas dedicated to just food. The flea market back in Merriam, Kansas was at an old drive in theater that still was in use. So…Yes! Drive in food was available.

They had the best corn dogs and hamburgers. Popcorn, chips, everything you could get on a Saturday night at the drive in was available Sunday morning at the Flea market, made fresh. It was so cool. There are many homemade food options available at the flea market also.

The flea market is a great place to find gifts and new products. Household products are always available at reduced prices, cleaning products are always there also. Many buyers will get all there pantry supplies at the flea markets because it is so much cheaper than a retail store. You can save some serious money at the flea market. It’s a great way to stretch your dollar.

So spending the day at the pluga, or flea market is great fun for the whole family. What you might find there is limitless. It is great fun to hunt for treasure and get the household pantry filled for less. Remember to check out the food options while you’re there.

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