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What do we know about Spanish cinema? If you think about this topic, you can recall only a few names of famous Spaniards representing national cinema. Most Spanish film actors of our time are heard by a wide audience only due to their participation in foreign, primarily Hollywood projects. We are talking about such actors as Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem. From 123movies you can find the best deals now. 

  • It is a mistake to assume that Spain does not have its own cinematic tradition, on the contrary, it is safe to say that Spanish cinema is unique. It is possible that due to the originality of Spanish cinema, it did not receive wide popularity and is known mainly only to admirers of the culture of this country and film experts.

Unusual Features

Unusual features of Spanish cinema are determined by the characteristics of the Spanish mentality. This is a special Spanish view of the world. The tradition of “Spanish” in cinema can be traced to the films of Luis Bunuel, probably the most famous Spanish director and recognized classic of Spanish cinema. Bunuel himself said the following about his films: “Not a single film of mine is the implementation of any predetermined idea, I resort to grotesque, denial, black humor, but I do it in addition to my desire.”

  • Spontaneity, temperament and a very personal understanding of the problems addressed are the main features of the “Spanish” in cinema. Critics and cultural scientists believe that these features are connected with the traditions of national culture and determine their presence by the special category “lo espanol”, which distinguishes all Spanish art .
  • Such features can be seen in the work of other famous Spanish directors. The British film critic John Hopwell, describing the work of M. Gutierrez Aragon, wrote that his films are “the result not so much of the need to develop an idea as temperament.”

In recent years, Spanish cinema has become more diverse in genre and thematic terms.

Famous Spanish filmmakers and their work

The most famous of modern Spanish directors who have received international recognition is Pedro Almodovar. Lo espanol is felt in most of the tapes of this outstanding master. In the work of Almodovar, the influence of the classics of Spanish literature is noticeably manifested, especially R. M. Del Valle-Inclan, who skillfully combined realism, grotesque and satire in his works. The traditions of the literary genre of the esperpento, invented by Valle Inclan, were embodied in the cinema, first by Bunuel, and then by Almodovar, who often resorted to caricature and grotesque.

  • In many of his films, Almodovar addresses shocking topics that rarely come up in western feature films. Another specific feature of the director’s work is his love for female images. Each Almodovar film is populated by colorful female characters.

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