Shirley Setia and the Best of YouTube Singers

When we are singer, singer we want to be noticed to win contracts or just sell our albums. Before, there were the audio tapes, the CDs, we made promo after our shows in the bars, we sold our albums by going door to door while secretly hoping that a great manager come to us to offer us a disc contract. Times have changed. Shirley Setia is with one of those singers who has come up with the best choices for the same now. Her wonderful videos with her wonderful voice have come up perfect now.

With YouTube many artists who lived in the shadows were in the spotlight overnight. With YouTube, many unknown singers have moved from anonymity to international superstar. It makes us all dream.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Only that! When we hear young artists tell me that they do not have the time to create their YouTube channel because it’s long and demanding, I’m a little surprise, you want to become known, popular, you want to sell your songs, your music, but you do not have a YouTube channel? YouTube is the future. If you’re singers you’re not on YouTube, there’s a problem. First, it’s a very good way, even the best way to be heard and seen all over the world. Creating a chain is not a waste of time, it’s a long-term investment. Shirley’s version of Tum Hi Ho has won the hearts of many. She is on the epitome of popularity right now. As a cover artist she is perfect in every way.

Starting the Channel

If all you want is to does right away the buzz forget the project. YouTube is a long-term project. So patience is required. No you will not have a million views on your song the first week even if you have a lot of friends.

Motivation will be your engine. Without motivation, your YouTube channel will not hold water. Your content must also be consistent and original. The chain must represent the artist you are. If you have a music band, even fight. This 26 years old YouTube celebrity happens to be from Daman and by now she has earned a great name.

The miniature photos:

If it had been from the start that the thumbnail of the video was important my first videos might have been more watched. So, carefully choose your thumbnails. You have no excuses with all the software that exists. 

  • The essential kit
  • A good camera
  • A quality microphone
  • A lighting kit

The camera on your cell or tablet may be a good choice too. This requires no investment and allows you to put quality videos on your channel in no time.

Once the camera is chosen, you will need to edit your video. It’s up to you to see what’s right for you. To have a YouTube channel you have to be autonomous. You have to film, edit and promote yourself most of the time.

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