Royal Purpose: This Film Will End the War between Black Men & Black Women

The conflict between the black culture relationships is characterized by what some indicate as a lack of communication, mistrust and a general lack of understanding between each other. The black man and woman has not, only had to accept the lack of family structure in the household, but they have also have to deal with judgements, stereotypes, and economic discrimination from society.

Royal Purpose is a short film that will touch on all of these common problems we face in American, yet in a comic way. It will challenge old paradigms and draw audiences into fresh ways of engaging reality. The writer’s uncompromising and unique cinematic vision is one to be noted.

Royal Purpose shows a dynamic chemistry between Angel & Q demonstrating the value of true friendship. It displays the positive image of uplifting, educating & having each other’s back. The movie is a romantic comedy that is set up to heal black relationships and focus on Black Love with laughter. While obstacles try to get in the way between with the powerful two, they both start to understand it is far more important for their legacy to come together instead of letting an outside force tear them down.

Royal Purpose features a handful of great actors, including Tera Chantelle, Edward Passmore, Jay Teague, and Caroline Conerly. Tera Chantelle is the writer, producer & the creator of the whole concept of the new film. She is an independent filmmaker from Cleveland, Ohio, who is striving to make a difference in her culture by making spiritual entertainment with comedic twist.

Royal Purpose is coming to the big screen. Get comfortable in your seat, whether it’s in a theater or the comfort of your living room. Royal Purpose will be available in finger tips. Hold tight and be ready to be wowed. Stay tuned!

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