Rowdzilla has dropped his new sure shot hit ‘Rowdy Freestyle’

Rowdzilla has dropped his new sure shot hit ‘Rowdy Freestyle’. The song represents who he really is. The song sets your soul free. The vocals burst through the soundscape at an immaculate pace with tremendous vibrancy. The catchy vibes create an exotic appeal with an emphatic hook. The bounce in the song is quite immaculate. The elements of fusion in the song give it an organic feel engaging an innumerable audience.

What’s Interesting is that ‘Rowdzilla’ is the name given to him in childhood overnight after he pretended to be a monster. Artist chose this to be his stage name because he thinks it gives off an accurate idea of who he has become today. The artist learned to have a strong work ethic from watching his mother, and that has transferred into his music-making. After spending countless hours writing and creating, he’s finally ready to show off and reap the benefits from his hard work.

You can glance through the latest updates shared by the singer by plugging onto his Instagram handle.

Link to the single:


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