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In these days when online search reminds you that there is a danger that they will make it less pop, we use data to extrapolate information on musical categories. Analyzed, we let ourselves be guided by the textual interface to reconstruct the story between one datum and another. So we discover that there are more than 1,500 musical genres, of which about 700 also have the starting point of the phenomenon. In Tubidy you can find the best choices for music search and download.

The Distribution

The distribution is the inverse one with respect to prime numbers. If the latter become much less frequent as the numbers grow, the musical genres invented between 1700 and 1800 are 10, between 1800 and 1900 there are 20, and if we divide the years between 1900 and 2000 into three bands we have the values ​​28, 69 and 367 respectively, while from 1990 to today only 187, to remind us that the spring is starting to make the return cycle. The jazz category includes 35 genres, rock 60 and pop 59. Music genres are a worldwide phenomenon, in Italy we have invented about fifteen. The most famous is baroque music from the 1600s at Giovanni de Bardi’s court. It consisted of the invention of counterpoint, that is, the relationship between melodic lines. It is like joining several voices so that they sound well together, so that they create harmony, finally giving each melodic line an instrument. The chart below shows all the genres of the pop category.

The Songs

Neo-glam Shibuya-kei Denpa song J-pop Sophisti-pop teen pop twee pop dance-pop electropop Minneapolis sound hip hop music synthpop country pop Thai pop music smooth soul Latin pop Austropop chamber pop Europop jangle pop sunshine pop Progressive pop baroque pop pop rock psychedelic pop Nederpop beat music power pop bubblegum pop soul music pop art Schlager rock music lounge music contemporary folk music pop music easy listening rock and roll country music traditional pop music operatic pop jazz.

The Blues Come Up

The first blues score dates back to 1908, entitled “I Got the Blues”, in New Orleans, by Antonio Maggio. But the genre was born a few decades earlier, probably in the 1890s. Music of the American black slaves, they were work songs and spirituals. In the 1920s, American folk music was labeled with the name of jazz. Thus was born a new genre that opposes classical music and tries to contrast the “Hearts And Flowers” music to the “B-Minor Mass”. 

Last Words

This genre is cataloged under popular music for this reason even if it still does not reach, together with classical music, more than 15% of the record market. Of those years we remember the Cotton Club of Harlem, in the middle of the American prohibitionist period or Bix Beiderbecke a romantic hero remembered for his continuous struggle to overcome the obstacles between the words art and commercial. In 1926 the term pop music was born for the first time to indicate that music that has a certain influence on the people. 


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