Must-Try 6 Greatest Balinese Dishes for Your Memorable Food Journey

Are you travelling on a budget in Bali? Rather than having lunch out with the fusion or westernized food assortment, you should save your money and try some authentic Bali food. Forget the upscale restaurants and catch a worth-tasting take away in the warung (the local food stall in Bahasa). Then, savour the real Balinese flavours, from the incredible suckling pig to the scrumptious satay on lemongrass.

These six best Balinese dishes will satisfy your hunger. Check them out!

  1. Babi Guling

It might be tough to get pork foods in Indonesia. Yet, Bali is where you can get the yummiest suckling pig, renowned as “Babi Guling”. Before being grilled over hot coconut husks, the dead mammal is rubbed with diverse aromatic Balinese spices such as kaffir lime leaves, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, chillies, and lemongrass. The pork meat is perfectly tender, and the crackling is crispy.

  1. Lawar

Lawar is among the worth-trying Balinese dishes, highlighting minced pork mixed with grated coconut, chopped vegetables, spices, herbs as well as the pig’s fresh blood to boost the flavour. There are lots of Lawar options such as Lawar Ayam (made of chicken) and Lawar Nangka (made of young jackfruit). It is usually eaten with the steamed rice, as well as the roasted suckling pork.

  1. Bebek and Ayam Betutu

Betutu could be a chicken or duck wrapped in Upih (betel nut depart) and slow-roasted within the heap of burnt rice husks to tender perfection. Before taking the long process of cooking, the poultry is marinated with the lime juice, sliced lemongrass, salt, and hot seasoning (garlic, shallot, red chillies, ginger, shrimp paste, galangal and coriander). This popular dish could be found anywhere in the whole island.

  1. Sayur Urab

Are you a vegetarian? Try Sayur Urab or mixed vegetables. It is a classical Balinese side dish consisting of grated coconut and various veggies (string bean, cassava leaves, spinach and water morning glory), finely chopped and blanched. All those ingredients are blended with the hot sambal. This nutritious food is usually enjoyed with the hot steamed rice and chicken.

  1. Sate Lilit

Another variation of satay you will need to taste is the Sate Lilit. The Balinese speciality is renowned for its delicacy and a unique look. Rather than being skewered with a bamboo rod, it utilizes lemongrass as well as sugar cane sticks. The minced meat, which could be pork, beef, fish or poultry, even turtle, is combined with lemon juice, grated coconut, shallot, coconut milk and pepper, then grilled over hot charcoal.

  1. Gado Gado

Gado Gado is a tempeh and tofu salad with mixed vegetables, plus an iconic peanut sauce. From time to time, fish and egg pasta make an appearance, but they don’t have to. Make sure the chef does not use the dried shrimp paste if you are vegetarian; also ask to bypass the eggs if you’re vegan. The title Gado Gado means “mix-mix” or “potpourri”. So it super fits the veggies and varies depending on the chef and the season!

Ready to try all the Balinese dishes above? A vacation to Bali is more than just-food. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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