Must have things for a conference venue

A conference, be it for a particular niche or an open platform for new innovative ideas, is a great place for sharing and development knowledge. People participating in the conferences are either experts in their field or are the architects of the future. These people deserve only the best facilities and arrangements. For that reason, it is important to find an ideal venue for the conference. The venue at the Lawson Lodge should provide features added to the basic sticker set of facilities. Here is a list of few essentials which every conference venue should offer.


  • Proper parking facility


It would be great if the delegates coming to the venue by car can get designated parking. If designated parking is not possible, ensure that there is a car park space nearby so that they can park their vehicles comfortably. Try to find payless parking if possible. But avoid street parking in any case.


  • Accessibility


Attendees should be able to reach to the venue easily and safely. Assess the location of the venue and the availability of transport to reach the venue. Communicate the information about trains, buses, automobiles and other public transports to and from the venue.


  • Facilities


Assess the washroom facilities at the venue as this is one of the basic requirements. There should be enough toilets for all the delegates attending the conference. Also, check the hygiene and maintenance of these facilities.


  • Sitting arrangements


Conferences are different from short assemblies. These take hours to complete and require prolonged sitting. Your attendees should get sturdier and comfortable sitting chairs for the conference. Awkward sitting arrangements can ruin the enthusiasm of the delegates.


  • Acoustics


Every speaker at the conference must be heard loud and clear. A conference generally involves a large number of people gathering. Make sure that the acoustics of the venue is up to the mark. This is crucial for the success of the conference.


  • Technical equipment availability


A venue should provide proper lighting, a microphone, and a sound system so that the speakers are properly heard and seen. In the present day and age, there should be arrangements for presentations. There should be an adequate number of sockets to connect equipment with spares to accommodate any addition.


  • Lodging facility


A conference may last for several days which is why you also find accommodation for the attendees. Also, people coming from different locations need to stay until the time of their flight or train. Many venues have partnerships with nearby hotels and provide lodging facilities at concessional prices.


  • Refreshments


For conferences lasting for several hours refreshment is a must. Attendees would expect lunch, snacks, and tea, or a cafeteria at the least. The venue should have facilities for food and water to keep the zeal of the delegates for the prolonged discussions.


  • Costing


There are so many things you expect from the venue. It is also important that the venue provides all these facilities at a reasonable cost. A good venue with high-end facilities would charge more. You can negotiate as far as possible and should be ready to adjust wherever possible.


  • Entertainment places nearby


This is an additional consideration and not mandatorily provided by the venue. If a conference lasts for multiple days, the delegates would like to go for some recreational activities. You can find some nearby places for entertainment and relaxation.

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