Music For The Wedding: 5 Mistakes A DJ Should never make

The music will be there to accompany you throughout your wedding day. Every song has a crucial role in setting up the mood. Music has all the power to give you memories that are unforgettable. Nonetheless, one must keep in mind to avoid some major mistakes.

1 – Playing inappropriate or even offensive music

The lyrics of the music are as important as any other detail on the big day. An inappropriate and vulgar text (perhaps “masked” by a sweetmelody, which makes it more difficult to identify) during the party can be a cause of embarrassment. And this also applies to international weddings: often, DJs don’t know foreign languages ​​well, and the risk of bad figures is lurking. The choice of music for the ceremony is even more delicate, where the selection must be made following precise rules. And if you have decided to getmarried in Italy, and you really want to have high-level entertainment, that also takes these particularities into account, were commend asking Professional Wedding DJ DJs to show you what they are capable of.

2-Not considering different age groups of guests

Your guest list must be including children as well as grandparents. So, rock and rap music with explicit content is not a good idea for family events. 

However, suppose this is entirely unavoidable, for example. In that case, where the bride, groom, or friends love these genres, it’s the DJ’s job to tactfully satisfy them, without letting the party get affected and reserving the least ideal collection for a moment that is suitable (for example, at the end of the event)

3-Mismanagement of the volumes

The volume must be regulated with respect to different moments in the event. To make sure the right mood is set throughout the wedding reception, setting the right volume is crucial. Which, in turn, is set by the environment and particular moments. 

The volume should be at a level such that the guests do not have to raise voices to talk to each other. Managing this is a DJ’s job. From aperitif to dinner, he must know where to keep the volumes moderate and where a change is needed. Hence, a proper, powerful, and decent audio system is the need of the hour. 

But wait, if you don’t have a Professional Wedding DJ partner, will managing all this be possible?

4-Leaving silent spaces

The music flow for your wedding must never stop, supposing it to be the melody for the entire day. It’ll give any situation a new emotion. That is why there should be no awkward silent gaps in between. Music must go on from beginning to end to keep the guests waiting for the couple entertained. 

The music also accentuates every fine moment of the event till the end of it. Covering the entire event with apt music is not an amateur’s cup of tea. Also, a DJ doing it just as a hobby doesn’t have various audio stations for distinct areas of the wedding’s location.

5-Suggesting a single genre of music for the entire time

Apart from being romantic, the wedding event also has a lot of declarations – like those of tributes, love, kisses, and corny speeches. It also has moments of joy. Hence, this mixture of emotions requires the right songs to enhance those moments perfectly. 

So, the DJ must be a pro at making smooth transitions between romantic and wild moments. Only an expert can do that – without breaking the continuity and not keep continuing a certain music genre for so long that people start getting bored and leave. The DJ’s job isn’t easy. Is your hired DJ capable enough to handle a situation that complex?

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