More Fascinating Trends of Hip Hop

Hip-hop fashion has taken over the world. Everyone has been following it since the 1970s, and even celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z have become iconic in their hip-hop attire.

Many celebrities are so enamored with hip-hop fashion that they have launched their collection. Hip hop culture has inspired several prominent names and brands in the fashion industry to create their apparel lines. Here are a few popular ones that are still causing a stir in the fashion world: Stay tuned to hip hop news to know more.

Sean John

By merging his urban fashion sense, Sean John Combs helped change hip hop fashion. He popularised gold chains and aviator-inspired outfits. Jeans, caps, shirts, socks, coats, and suits are all part of his wardrobe.


Akademiks is known for their denim with a street edge, but they now have a whole collection of urban clothes. They’ve also expanded into women’s fashion, with Keyshia Cole’s endorsement. Akademiks is a must-have for any hip-hop fashionista, with everything from jeans to tank tops, capris to jackets.

Apple Bottoms

This one-of-a-kind apparel business, founded by Nelly, caters to ladies of all sizes who want to stay fashionable! It focuses on plus-size women, in particular, allowing them to break free from the constraints of traditional women’s clothes and encouraging them to appreciate the natural curves of a woman’s body. Originally a denim line, it has expanded to include clothing styles such as small skirts, jackets, sweatsuits, and tops, giving customers a wide range of options.

House of Dereon

Beyonce Knowles is another musician who has launched her hip-hop apparel brand. They designed a brand that, like Nelly’s, caters to women, with the help of her sister Solange and mother Tina. The parallels don’t stop there; Knowles’ clothing line similarly emphasizes a woman’s contours from head to toe.

Phat Farm

The Phat Farm brand is well-known among hip hop fans. When major hip-hop singers wore Phat Farm in their music videos, it became popular. What fan wouldn’t want to keep up with their favorite hip-hop artists? Soon after, everyone started wearing Phat Farm clothing in the stores, propelling it to the top of the hip-hop fashion industry.


Jay-Z may be at the top of the hip-hop artists list, but he’s also one of the most successful clothes designers. Jay-Z founded this urban wear clothing business in 1995 with Damon Dash. As the CEO of Roc-a-Fella Records, Jay-Z envisioned a clothing brand that would fit well in the realm of hip hop fashion, resulting in the birth of Rocawear.

G Unit

Do you know who 50 Cent is? Who hasn’t done it? When he paired up with Mark Ecko, the head honcho of Ecko Unlimited, in 2003, he founded G Unit Clothing Company. G Unit is now a well-known hip-hop apparel label.

It’s easy to see why well-known musicians have decided to launch their clothing line; as fans of hip hop as well as artists in the genre, it’s only natural for them to want to launch a clothing line that will match the culture. They also realize that because they have so many admirers, their line will be backed by individuals who adore their music and idolize them. Stay tuned to the right hip hop news and get frequent updates.

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