Latino star Maluma’s world tour heads to Dubai

For some years Colombia has no longer had only a queen of music, Shakira, but also a king, it is Maluma. Among the most important singers of the world reggaeton scene, it is slowly imposing itself in the charts of the whole planet, including Italy. Let’s discover the curiosities about the private life of the singer of HP and Corazon. Now that you can head for the Maluma live concert 2020 you should know more about the place.

Who is Maluma:

Juan Luis Londoño Arias was born in Medellín, Colombia on January 28, 1994 under the sign of Aquarius. At 15 he wrote his first song, and a year later his uncle Juan proposed that he record a song in the studio. 

  • After taking singing lessons, he entered the world of music in the last year of high school. His first hit single in Colombia is Farandulera, which allows him to get support from Sony. Her first studio album, Magia, was released in 2012. Among the most successful singles on this record is Miss Independent: The first single to enter the American charts is 2013’s temperature, sung with the Puerto Rican Eli Palacios. 
  • Her second album arrives at the end of 2015: it is called Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy and certifies the artist’s success worldwide. Among his prestigious collaborations of this period there are also Ricky Martin and the greatest Colombian star, Shakira. On the wave of success, in 2018 he launched a third album, FAME. His latest single, launched in 2019 and arrived to conquer the Italian charts, is HP, Maluma’s private life Maluma has been engaged since the beginning of 2018 with a beautiful model, Natalia Barulich, known on the set of Felices los 4.

 Their story continues to go on today without any particular problems. For the moment, the two have no children, but who knows, there may be no surprises in the pipeline in the coming months. 

8 curiosities about the singer 

  • Maluma is 1 meter 77 tall. 
  • Has an older sister who is a student of psychology and philosophy. 
  • He has a great passion for sport and his father would have liked him to play football, a sport he has practiced for many years. 
  • What does Maluma mean? 
  • The name of the singer is a combination of the first letters of the names of the mother Marilli, the father Luis and the sister Manuela. A sweet tribute to those who, as the artist declared, have been the engine of his career. 
  • In 2010 he worked as a cook. 
  • He collaborated with Madonna on the piece Medellín. 
  • His youth he was inspired by Justin Timberlake. 
  • On Instagram Maluma has an official account of over 40 million.

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