Kids TV shows for more than just entertainment

Today, with kids spending a lot of time watching TV, monitoring what they watch is a constant concern. Kids do pick up a lot from television, and hence parents want kids to watch shows that are more than just entertainment. Even, OTT (Over-The-top) platforms such as OSN have addressed this concern and have segmented specific movies and TV shows for kids so that parents can be at ease.

If you are concerned about your little ones’ viewing habits, here are some shows that are entertaining and have a positive message.

  1. Duck Tales:

Donald Duck takes his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie to meet their reclusive Uncle Scrooge McDuck’s mansion. This is where they uncover their family secrets and in the process, they accidentally stir up more adventure.

Duck Tales is a show that perhaps even, many of the parents have grown up watching. The reason why this show is one of the best TV show for kids, is because of the educational situations that are presented in each episode. Although animated, each episode has a lot of resemblances to real-life situations such as the time when Uncle Donald first took the kids to school or scenes where the kids are doing their homework. With every episode, the kids are bound to learn something new and each episode comes with a moral that kids can adopt, such as the importance of honesty, friendships, family, and love. Essential virtues such as sharing and obedience are portrayed in a way that will be easier for the kids to understand.

  1. Shimmer and Shine:

This TV show for kids follows a series of magical adventures of the genie twin-sisters Shimmer and Shine. They are summoned by their human best friend, Leah, after she rubs her oil-lamp-pendant necklace. In return, Leah is granted three wishes for the various dilemmas in her life.

The series moves beautifully illustrating the positive aspect of making mistakes, which is, learning something from them. This TV show for kids also emphasizes friendship and helping those in need. Through the struggles of Shimmer, Shine, and Leah who try to find a solution to every problem that arises, the show promotes that finding a solution is not easy, nor is it impossible. The magical touches to the show will keep the kids coming back for more. Overall the show has emotionally meaningful content.

  1. Wishenpoof!

Wishenpoof! is a story of a girl called Bianca who has the power to grant people’s wish by using her “wish magic.” Woven around the message of helping others, this TV show for kids narrates the importance of kindness.

The presentation of each situation in this series encourages kids to explore their imagination too. Bianca’s adventures are excellently scripted and presented in such a way that every character’s experiences offer positive messaging for kids. Values such as patience, respect for others, and doing the right things are quite simply highlighted in this entertaining and educational TV show for kids.

These TV shows for kids are available on OSN and parents can rest assured that their children will have loads of positive takeaways from them.

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