How to Add Music to Instagram Stories and grow Spotify

Since facebook acquired instagram it has been quite famous for sharing photos and video with friends and worlds. Among others it is now quite prominent among musicians to share their music with the world and build a strong base for their audience. The platform became even more engaging since they started to allow users to add music on instagram stories. A recent trend shows the most circulated question regarding this is how to add music to instagram story. But that’s a discussion of another day. Today we will show how to use this feature to effectively do spotify promotion.

Instagram stories are already famous as 500 million users are using instagarm stories on regular basis. And by allowing users to add music to instagram story they have opened a whole new dimension. For those who are looking to get free spotify plays, this could be a great source to get them.

Musicians on spotify or soundcloud or iTunes have a brand new way to promote their music. did some research on how their client base who buy spotify plays, can use the music feature on instagram story to promote their spotify music. They have come up with a fresh idea to attract new listeners through this new feature.

  • Release fresh music on spotify
  • Upload album/song cover on instagram
  • Add it to instagram story
  • Tap the new music sticker
  • Choose music within your released music genre
  • Choose how long you want to run the music for.
  • Write “Want to hear fresh music similar to this? Hear my new spotify release”
  • And share your spotify link.
  • Voila! You will have more traffic on your spotify music from Instagram story.

Currently this feature is only available to few selected countries. As per the writers from TechCrunch mentioned “music to instagram stories” is available to the following lucky countries: France,Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and the US.

To get most out of this feature a musician should regularly maintain his/her instagram account and grow fanbase. There are several ways to grow country targeted fan base on instagram. By developing a country targeted fan base on instagram and mash it up with this new feature, musicians who buy country or geo targeted spotify plays can easily score a homerun.

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