Guide to Compose Songs Perfectly – Article by Sumo Entertainment JD3

Regardless of whether you are composing a song to pitch it to a music company, TV show, Ad Company, or a production house, it needs to follow the right path so that you know your work has reached the right platform. Even if your song isn’t perfect in its music, make it appealing to the listeners requires a technique and proper guidance.

Allow Sumo Entertainment JD3 to help you with a short guide on how you can compose songs perfectly so that the audience is appealed to hear you out.

Guide to Compose Songs Perfectly – Article by Sumo Entertainment:

  • Prepare the raw material:

Bring your complete focus to gather your raw materials. Stick to a single idea or concept of the song. If it is related to a movie, you will need to memorize the scene or watch it repeatedly to think of a perfect mood to match best with the movie scene. 

  • List the questions to create a good title:

Start some practice to create a good title for the song. Think of how the listeners or audience will connect to the title. Your title has to be catchy, easy to remember, and relatable with the audience’s emotions. Think of common questions like: How do you relate to the title? What is the meaning of your title? And how short or long is your title as per the theme?

  • Prepare the song structure:

Some of the biggest songs that you have enjoyed listening to depends on the song structure. For instance, the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus is a perfect example. A rhythmic pattern or song structure helps to memorize the song and makes it easy for the audience to sing. 

  • Work on your melody and chorus:

Pick one or two phrases and make it loud. These phrases need to have emotions attached. Whether you exaggerate or sing it with your heart loudly, your song’s melody depends on these phrases mostly. Once the rhythm is formed, you will be able to create a melody for the chorus.

  • Begin to add chords:

A repeated, precise, and clear chord pattern helps make singing perfect! You can record yourself and keep singing until your song becomes perfect. Make use of a recording tool such as a mobile phone, Dictaphone, or any recorder to record the scratch so that you can take it to a music company.

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