Great Choices for the Best Bagpipe Music

Whether your goal is to learn just a few bagpipe tunes, join a Bagad or a Pipe Band, or do solo competitions, the first step in learning the Scottish bagpipes is always the same the practice of bagpipes.But how not to get lost in the abundance of choice: follow this guide and you will find your practice. For the best bagpipes for sale this happens to be a very important matter.

The indispensable practice

The practice of Cornemuse allows you to learn the fingering and exercise. We first learn to place his fingers, then to climb ranges. Later one exercises oneself with the appoggiatures and one learns tunes. The driving range is simply a lot easier to blow and handle than the Scottish bagpipes. It is therefore essential because it allows you to focus only on your fingers.

To avoid absolutely

The swarming practices on the Web. Unfortunately, there is much more bad than good practices. Very bad practices will not allow you to play or learn the bagpipes . They are usually made in Pakistan and are made of rosewood (orange wood) or sometimes even dark wood (often varnished). Their price is often attractive, between 10 $ and 50 $. They are mainly found on online sales platforms such as E-bay, Amazon or Thomann. Do not fall for the “I want to buy cheaper” trap. As for the bagpipe buy Pakistani is losing money.

Buy the brand

This is certainly the most important criterion. Good practices are made by good bagpipe manufacturers. In summary choose a brand practice is to ensure its quality. There are now several known and recognized manufacturers around the world for their bagpipes and practices.

At what price?

A good practice usually costs between $ 40 and $ 80 for plastics and between $ 100 and $ 300 for wood.


Two materials are currently used, wood (usually African Blackwood used for bagpipes) and plastic. Plastic now accounts for 80% of practice sales. The first argument is the price. There are still many ringers attracted by the wood, more pleasant to the touch it offers other sensations. You can review site for bagpipes and come up with the best deal.


There are generally 3 sizes of chanting practices: junior, standard and long.The juniors are intended for apprentice riders under 10 years generally (it depends on the morphology). Standards and lengths will suit everyone. The standard practice is at the origin the only practice that was found on sale. It has a gap of holes slightly lower than that found on the song of bagpipes. The long practice, arrived later, takes again the spacing of the holes of the song of bagpipe. It is today the bestselling practice.

The appearance

A good bagpipe practice will usually have countersunk holes. Milling makes it easier to feel the holes under the fingers.


The practices are generally declined according to their finishes with or without rings in imitation ivory or nickel. With or without engravings its elements are purely decorative and have no bearing on the sound of the instrument.

In conclusion

If you have chosen to start the bagpipe seriously then you are in the right place.When you see the number of hours you spend on a bagpipe practice that you are beginner or confirmed, choose your practice is very important.


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