Fittrat – a tale of love and friendship

Fittrat is one of the most anticipating web series, just like its headlines, it is full of glamour and soulful music. The whole concept is well mixed of emotions, feelings and the way of telling the story makes us the authentic Bollywood essence. The film is the inspiration of the 90s film Pretty Woman, the tagline of the film Fittrat says I’m my own hero.

Fittrat is the ZEE5 web series, released from 19, October 2020. This season has 15 episodes. All the episodes peppy and short of 20 minutes length.

Tarini who is a poor and motherless girl is a gold medallist. She is a gold digger but heart of the gold character, she wants to marry a well-settled businessman who can afford her all expensive and luxurious needs. She is brought up by her dad, Alok who pour a shower of love over her dear daughter. She addresses her father by his name shows the delightful bond between the father-daughter combo.

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The narration tells that Tarini’s father loses money, home, and other possessions during her childhood, so she decided to marry a rich man. Tarini gets admitted to the school where his father is an art teacher. There she gets friendship with the extremely rich Amrita Sareen aka Amy. Tarini and Amy become BFF, she accepts the Tarini gold-digging nature and every character what she is. As the year passes these two girls got into separate ways. Tarini passes journalism as a gold medallist and Amy emerges the upper-crust fashionta world. Though their friendship is steady and intact. Tarini supposedly fell in love with Amy’s brother. While Amy’s fiancé Veer fell in love with the Tarini charms. he constantly approaching Tarini, but she is up to the chanceless loyalty to her best friend.  There come the twist and turns, her friend Amy knowing her gold-digging mentality and hurt the Tarini because of her fiancé affair goes towards her.

As the tagline of Fittrat says that, I’m my own hero, discovering ourselves is the true gold-digging, that is one has to discover the gold within oneself is the worth. She said, “I am my own hero”.

Overall narrative and empowering thought take the classic and clean route to the conclusion. Fittrat: A Tale of Love and Friendship is the combination of love, passion, misunderstanding, and revenge, finally discovering the tagline goes smoothly without sudden turn and twist is the best part.

Coming to the technical part of the film, Santosh Singh is the director of this marvellous series. The dialogue and cinematography are balanced at this high point. Anbhav Bansal is the cinematographer showing every frame an elegance and surrealism of the Mussorie school and all the Delhi environs. Sandman aka Sandip Patil who is the expert music composer has scored the background as well as the soothing and soul-stirring music.

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This web series surely deserves the season 2. Fittrat is a must-watch for the Tarini and Amy BFF, Tarini and untold veer chemistry and also for the concept of discovering oneself inner gold.

Fittrat is produced by Tanveer Bookwala’s Ding Entertainment, a production house with the gripping storylines and mass appeal.

The actors justice their characters. Debut actress Krystle D’Souza as Tarini. Veer as the charming Aditya Seal who lifts our mood by his charms. Anushka Ranjan as Amy. Arun Krishansh Verma as Bunty.

Fittrat is entertaining with the crispy portrayal of characters and glamour and humor narration and cinematography makes the web series a worth watch.

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