Finer Options for The Dubai Concert Ticket Booking

To get away from huge lines and secure a seat in the audience for that movie, concert or play you want to watch, buying tickets on the Internet from the comfort of your own home is the best option. To this end, several websites have sprung up precisely for this purpose making buying tickets online simple and quick. Here’s a list of five ticket sales tips and how to use them. For the events in Dubai you have to 

In ideal conditions (a super-professional sound engineer and a hall designed specifically for concerts), at any point on the stage you will perfectly hear the sound of a live concert, and everywhere the sound will be the same and the way the musicians intended it. However, ideal conditions in our latitudes are not as frequent as we would like. Therefore, buying a ticket for a concert (for sitting rooms) or coming to the site (standing rooms), it is best to always choose a place next to the sound control and sound engineer. As a rule, they are located in the center of the room. Of course, the sound engineer will try to torture the whole hall, periodically leaving for its various points, but the best sound will be exactly where he constantly monitors it and corrects it in real time.

How to save a little on buying tickets

Of course, the price of tickets is the same everywhere, but ticket operators (despite the fact that they charge a fee for the sale of tickets from the organizer) like to shift some of their costs to customers by introducing the so-called service fee.

  • On some sites, it may be more, on some less, and on some, generally absent. Therefore, before buying tickets, check them on all major sites (a service charge arises at the end of registration, immediately before payment).

The organizer can give the entire quota (tickets available for purchase) to one ticket operator, or can split it between several. In this case, the best tickets (all categories, including the most convenient or the cheapest) are received by those ticket offices that either sell the most, or work with the organizer with a lower commission than the rest. Therefore, if you see that the tickets you need are over, do not rush to despair and just look at other ticket offices.

First of all, you should pay attention to the cash desk directly at the site and to large well-known network cash desks (there is a common quota within one network, so if you were at the cash desk of this network, it makes no sense to go to another cash desk).

When is the best time to buy tickets?

The organizer does not always have enough working capital to launch the concert (advertising, rent, prepayments, air and train tickets for the group), so often the organizer takes money “from the box office”, i.e. of the tickets currently sold.

That’s why it’s more interesting for the organizer to buy as many tickets as possible (besides, the sooner the tickets are bought, the organizer feels calmer, not afraid that few people will come to the concert and it won’t pay off). Of course, the organizers are trying to stimulate pre-sales by launching tickets at the lowest prices at the beginning, and then gradually increasing them. 


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