Choosing the Right Choices for the Live Music in Parties

Regardless of the choice you make, the wedding party may have other artistic moments throughout the evening to diversify the program. At the same time, by introducing some artistic moments, you add a differentiation note to your party compared to others.

More and more people hear during the preparations that they will want something other than the food festival and respecting traditions more or less. Well-chosen artistic moments and scheduled at the right time can surprise wedding invitations in a pleasant way. For the Live Music for Parties you can have the best option now.

Dance (modern, popular, latin, etc.)

It is one of the artistic moments used at the wedding for some time, including, in the wedding. There are many possibilities and ideas that you can apply here. The dance, be it modern, popular or inspired by the culture of another country (for example: Greece, Turkey or France) performed by professionals like anyone. Brides, family or guests can be part of the dance or not, depending on how you want or how you negotiated with the dance band.

Solo performer (saxophone, violin, flute etc)

A solo moment of an interpreter attracts the maximum attention from the guests, but it does not have to overlap with the band. You must necessarily choose an artist who uses a tool other than the members of the band present.

Comedian / Actor

An idea that is more in the beginning, a real surprise of the evening for a wedding otherwise, would be to bring a comedian or an actor to interpret a famous moment. Such an artistic moment helps you to diversify the party program by surprising your guests by making them laugh heartily. Guests are detached from the hustle and bustle of the day and forget about personal issues, being more willing and ready to have fun,

Folklore ensemble

As in the other fields and here there are very well prepared and some less appreciated assemblies.

If you make the right choice, depending on your wedding invitations, it can be used as a time to invite everyone to dance. The atmosphere they create and their repertoire helps them to interact more easily with all the guests, regardless of age.

Tips for the smooth running of the wedding party

  • If you choose to add artistic moments to your wedding you must communicate this lure to the band or DJ who is present at the party.
  • Thus, you avoid confusion, overlapping or embarrassing situations on the most important evening. Remember that some moments need their music ready.
  • It would be ideal to have an MC, a moderator, to introduce the band / DJ, artistic moments, dance of the bride or others.
  • If you can’t afford it, try to negotiate with the band or the DJ, to help you with the other ready moments.


Although they bring an extra cost to the cost of any wedding, artistic moments are important. They have a surprise and energizing effect on the guests. In order not to influence the budget very much, reserve the services long in advance or even ask for a recommendation from the band or DJ. A wedding party should focus on fun and not on quantity or dishes.


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