Can zeptagram help trading in the music industry?

Zeptagram is a new online platform developed by music artists for the benefits of music artists. It will lead to the democratization of music rights distribution and royalty payment to artists.

It will help individuals to Buy Music Royalty Rights Online.

Mix of Multi-Domains

Zeptagram gets the credit for taking advantage of the best of three main domains, i.e., music, technology, and finance. The best features of all the three domains are clubbed together to deliver an excellent reward to all the stakeholders.

Bright prospects

Music is the lifeline of human-beings. It has a tremendous impact on the growth and development of individuals. It can influence the body, mind, and spirit. In spite of variations in culture, traditions, and races, the music intrudes from one generation to another generation. It is unfortunate that few publishing houses enjoy the large chunk of music revenue. The skilled artists are left with a minute portion of profits. Zeptagram in the music industry is all about the distribution of Music Rights Trading Platforms. Individuals who register on the site can start trading music rights.

The democratization of music rights

The music developers will be able to sell their rights to an unlimited number of individuals. Anyone interested in buying music rights can register on the platform. Music fans and music lovers can follow their favorite artists, and they can also act like their promoters. Generally, the music rights are enjoyed by big publishing houses that purchase the music rights by participating in the auction. Now, music fans also will be able to buy rights on music. The rights distribution will be done through the robust automated blockchain-based technology.

Value Creation and Distribution

Music creates value. The value creation and distribution will harmoniously take place through democratic channels. A highly talented newbie music artist can scale new heights in the industry with the successful utilization of the music rights distribution mechanism provided by Zeptagram. Music composers will get funding through the channel from various music fans. The big sum accomplished through the distributed network will help them achieve music artists’ dreams quickly and seamlessly. It is possible to create more music and more frequently.

Investment Potential 

If you are a music fan, you would love to follow your favorite artist. You will buy the music online or offline at your convenience. Now, you will have an opportunity to promote your artist also. Music artists will share the Intellectual Property (IP) rights in a controlled manner. By investing in IP rights, music fans, and followers will grow as per the artist’s growth.

Reward For Music Listening Skill 

Zeptagram allows rewarding music listeners. Music fans will develop a keen sense of observation, and they can identify lyrics that can make a huge impact on the music audience. Hence, they will be in a position to invest in the right kind of albums to generate money.

Investing In Music 

If you would like to invest in music albums, you will not want to go through music enterprise history. You can invest by identifying the tracks and tunes that make a big hit in the market. Zeptagram will act as a music exchange. Unlike traditional stock markets, you will not want to study the fundamental of the company. You will not want to sit off the edge to observe the quarterly results, annual results, analysis of growth, and demand of a business concern. Your judging skills in music composition will help you in making profits.


Music lovers have come across a unique platform, Zeptagram to invest in music and reap benefits with value addition done by music artists.


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