Best Up And Coming Canadian Rap Albums Of 2019

Flankaboi and QC Spinz, two canadian music artists, have an insane new album coming out called Black & White that is going to shred up the charts like a snowboarder merks a snow-covered mountain of powder. The album is produced by Mitch Stone and Quest DFP, well known professionals in the music industry with a long history of success with artists.

Flankaboi and QC Spinz together go by the group name of G.K.E, that stands for Ghetto Kids Entertainment. Their rise to fame has been as sudden as it has been earned. Very! And mark your calendars, when they drop their next album they are going to reach the top of the charts!

These two mix their verses better than aunt jemima mixed pancakes for breakfast! If you want to hear their layered lyrics and hard hitting beats, pick this album up! It is by far going to be one of the best of 2019. Everyone else is jumping on these guys now while they’re bubbling. Their fans say they are the best rap group to come out since The Migos, only better.

Everyone, you needs to get this album so you won’t miss out on the next wave! These guys seriously kill it! Both on stage and in the recording studio.

‘It’s Our passion and Our Pride’ says QC Spinz. ‘Were always trying to push each other to make what we know each other is capable of. When we get in the zone and vibe, its crazy what we create together, that’s why it just works,’ says Flankaboi.

These guys have two highly unique flows that border on lyrical and hype, and calm and powerful with buildup oriented beats that are filled with raw truth and intense flare.

You will get goosebumps listening to just one of their songs! Its deceiving how much emotion can be put into songs by rappers.

These two grind-out perfectection in their beats, making sure their lyrical synergy is just right on each track. There’s no messing around when they begin to create. ‘It may seem like we like to party hard most of the time, and we do. But, at the same time we’re always serious and focused on our music and ultimately our Vision,’ says QC Spinz.

Their music is created as much from analytical scientists as it is from rappers from the streets. This is what sets them apart besides from their amazing music. Their vision. And their duality. Which seems to embody so much from the title of their up and coming album Black and White, to the lyrical content in their hottest new tracks and which seems to exist as much in their music as it does in this life itself.  

Flankabois’ unique sound was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and has been developing in Canada ever since. His music has a way of telling personal stories and empowering others.

“I hope that when my fans hear my music they take the energy that I was putting into it whether it’s a happy energy or a sad energy. I do it for their entertainment, something to take them away from their real life problems.” says Flankaboi

He took his experience of growing up in the Islands and the vibe of his new home in Canada to create his own unique sound.

QC Spinz, the rapper with the dreads and the climactic flow, is never held back when creating and delivering his music to his fans. His fans, in turn, call him, the one and only QC SPINZ. Whether it’s angry, meaningful, slow, or fast rap; he does it. And he does it with more power and grace than all his contemporaries combined.

GKE need to be locked up. They are blatantly murdering the rap game with this incredible new album, Black & White.

If you are into listening to epic beats with heart-driven emotional impact… you need to buy your copy when it comes out.

You’ll be glad you did, listening to it over and over. Just like I am right now!

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