Austin Arndt ( Whitey’s) New Cover For “Into The D.A.R.K.NESS ” Is Out And It Will Win Your Heart

This album is dark, flawless and makes you feel like everything around you has dulled out but in a good way. The tracks are rare and enrapturing making a perfect work of art of a collection. ‘T-Rex’ which is the opening track of the album makes itself the center of attention of the entire album. I think that this track best reviews the qualities and styles of the collection. The tune is moderate yet shocking. The vocals are vigorously layered, making that horrible impact, suggestive of $uicideboys. The stream is both fun and forceful. ‘T-rex’ is really an encounter – as is the remainder of the collection.

Here is the link to the album :

Tracks, for example, ‘Dull Deals’ and ‘Manical Pain’ likewise have this dim and unpleasant style of rap – a style I have developed to appreciate throughout the years. YT carries a crisp new turn to the amazing sub-type with the combination of 90’s rap components, generally common in ‘Run’.

And here are the other links where you can access the albums :

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