Aspiring Rapper Has Psychotic Break, Listen Now To The Song He Made

On June 12, 2019 Pedro and Maria Vasquez who have been married for 12 years had gotten into a heated argument due to Pedro having a psychotic break due to his PTSD. He recalls yelling and screaming off the top of his lungs and her asking him if he was going to strike her. Pedro never laid a finger on her, he said that he was raised better than that and never would do such a thing. Pedro gave Maria an ultimatum once he came to, where he asked her to ask him to stay or leave. Maria then told him to leave, so he did.

Since then, he went to AMG Records & Productions in Tampa, FL where he recorded a song titled Last Laugh with Kiasia Dolls a young lady singer that he met in Tampa. The song talks about his perspective of the separation between him and his wife. It’s since been lauded by many respected individuals in the music industry who believe it was actually the Aspiring Rapper’s best song yet!

In the opening of the song. Kiasia not knowing the details of their separation being more than just their arguing had a feeling that there was more than just that. During Pedro and Kiasia’s writing session, Pedro pointed out that the words she was using were perfect to explain what was really going on.

Pedro is an Army Soldier that deployed to Afghanistan two times, and during his first deployment it’s speculated that Maria had an affair with his a Soldier in his unit. Pedro always suspected that something happened but decided to stay with her anyway for love. Maria never admitted having an affair.

Now, Pedro in his grief that his wife was cheating on him or had cheated went out and had several affairs of his own to get her back. She stuck to her story anyway and they decided to stay together anyway.

During the second verse of the song, Pedro points out that he believes that Maria was someone that was married to him just decided to stay with him to torment him. Pedro believes that she didn’t want a divorce so that they can work it out and also so when it got hard she knew he would forgive her again.\

This song was powerful it has the perspective of combat veteran being extremely honest about the problems within his marriage.


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