A Brief Guide on Making Your First Beat

We can all agree that the main ingredient for making a great beat or song is an idea, or what others call a concept.

The main goal as a beat maker is to combine different samples, or instruments that sound well together, and use them so that you can create a song from beginning to an end.

Generally, the basic instruments required in every single beat include samples, drums, and bass, while other instruments depend on your preferences and musical style you wish to create.

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Even though the main goal is to create a perfect beat that will others use as a song, it is essential to understand that most software you can use nowadays uses building blocks in the form of samples.

Therefore, you will be able to come up with short musical patterns, including melody ideas, chord progression, bass line, and drumbeat, and fit them all together so that they can operate as one.

Nowadays, you can arrange and combine these building blocks so that you can create larger song sections that will include intro, bridge, verse, chorus, instrument solo, etc.

Of course, only combine sounds is a critical factor, but you need to adjust both audio effects and volume levels, which is known as mixing. The mixing process creates a distinctive song that will quickly become a masterpiece.

Finally, you should send it to an artist so that someone could add vocals, which will give you a chance to enjoy all the way. On the other hand, you can create an instrumental, which will provide to others your musical and beat-making capabilities.

These steps are essential for creating a song that you can later use for promotional purposes or to have fun. In both cases, the more you create, the better you will understand how to match each section together.

The most challenging aspect is mixing because you will need proper speakers that will allow you to hear every single instrument properly.

The process depends on your ability to adjust panning as well as volume, which a whole another level in beat is making that you need to learn how to do.

How Should You Do It?

Generally, musical patterns are samples that last a few seconds that will give you a chance to combine them with other patterns so that you can create a melody or chord progression.

However, we have mentioned above that the most critical thing about music-making is the idea you wish to represent to others. You do not need an idea from a very start, but you can use patterns as a way to inspire yourself, especially if you combine different aspects properly.

At the same time, if you know how to play a keyboard, you will be able to get a midi controller and use it to create various sounds that you cannot find in already existing patterns. That way, you can also create your patterns as well, which is essential to remember.

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You can start with the melody that you have, or you can add drums and combine them with the bass line. Generally, we cannot provide you the exact formula that will allow you to do it because everyone is different.

Understand How Music Works

Even though you can combine patterns without a previous understanding of music in general, it is much better to have a basic knowledge about harmonies, melodies, notes, and language of music that you can use.

It is similar to communication because you do not need to know to write letters for speaking a particular language. However, if you wish to write something down, you will need to start from basics such as learning letters, spelling rules, and other things that will help you write.

The same thing works with music, because building blocks or patterns are already here, consider them as part of the sentence in which each pattern represents a single word. The idea is to combine these patterns properly so that the other side can understand you.

Therefore, if you have a passion for music, we recommend you listen as much as you can because you can use your influences to improve yourself.

Of course, to go further, you should learn music theory, but you do not have to go in similar lengths as music students, but you need to learn the letters of music and the way to combine them to make sense.

Keep in mind that knowing music theory will help you visualize things you wish to create, but maybe the more critical factor than theory is to listen to the music you wish to create so that you can understand its flow and the way it functions.

That way, you will be able to reproduce an emotion that you wish through melody and a combination of different instruments, which will help you express yourself much better than before.

You can start by listening to your favorite songs, and try to divide them into sections. You can write down each section, which will help you learn how to improve your listening skills so that you can understand each section without writing it down.

Over time, you should use the songs you like as an influence to create a new one. Even though at first, it may resemble things you listen, keep in mind that the practice and listening is everything.

Of course, you need to take some time, be patient and persistent, because beat or music-making is not about mastering the art in a matter of days. It is the form that you will master your entire lifetime, while the primary goal should be to reproduce your emotions through it.

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