7 Interesting photography ideas for wedding


A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment of love for the entire lifetime. In fact, the personal celebration begins from the moment you say yes to the proposal. Bachelor’s party and hens party mark the commencement of the bashes with your friend and family. Every such party and get-together is important and sets the stage for your big day. You can look for luxurious hens night packages in Melbourne to ensure that your hens do create the excitement and set the right mood for the upcoming celebrations. After all the loud fun and thrill, comes the real big day of your wedding. It is a day of mixed feeling. You feel excited, nervous, happy, unrestful, charged and hesitant, all on the same day. It might be confusing but you still love every moment of this day and would like to capture all of it. Photography is the best way to treasure your moments and cherish them for the entire life. Here are some interesting ideas of photography which will bring a smile on your face, every time you flip the album pages.


  • Capture the symbol of love


Symbol of love, your ring deserves special attention. Make sure you have at least a few pictures of different poses that give you enough opportunity to flaunt your ring. It would be great if the two of you can hold hands and show off your rings together.


  • Take top or low angle shots


Nothing can look more elegant than a top angle shot on a beautiful curved staircase that also captures the symmetry of the staircase along with you and your partner. Another idea is to take a low-angle shot that captures the romance between your two most gracefully.


  • Include generation couples in a single frame


If you have a big family with your parents and grandparents in attendance, you can take a generation picture. Create a perfect scene with you, your parents, and grandparents all show the couple-love in a symmetric way. 


  • One with the dad is a must


A father wishing her daughter the best for her married life is one of the most honest and true emotions during the wedding. Ask your photographer to capture this moment that has unconditional love flowing all around.


  • Body swapping pictures


For a fun picture, you can take pictures with the bodies of the bride and groom swapped using a mirror. You can stand in front of the mirror and ask your partner to position his/her head to match the body’s reflection. Such pictures will be lifetime reminders of the fun you had at your wedding.


  • Pictures of dressing up


Getting ready for the wedding is as big for a bride as the wedding itself. It takes several market trips and numerous trials to get a perfect look. Everything like the dress, makeup, hairdo, jewelry, footwear, etc is planned meticulously. Getting all this perfect on the day is important and worth capturing.


  • The moment before you walk the aisle


Walking the aisle is one of those moments in your life when you feel an emotional rollercoaster taking the ride within you. You feel a rush of blood to your head as you walk the altar and all eyes turn to you. It is the moment when you forget the surroundings and everything other than your love ceased to exist. There is no way you can miss this moment from your album.

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