5 Steps To Quality Studio Recording


A great deal of art and artistry goes into recording a quality song. You may have written a great song; you may have done some playing and revising on your own at home. But when it is time to record, you must adhere to a process that the end product is beautiful and marketable.

Getting time in a studio is not as difficult and expensive as it used to be. Advances in recording technology have made it easier to set up a first-rate recording studio. Once you have the time to do your recording, you should go through these 5 steps:

  1. Pre-Production

You want to spend time expanding the main beats, chords, rhythms, and melodies of the song. This is time for you to experiment. As you play and listen, you will get a better sense of how to re-work and re-arrange the music so that it flows better.

Here is where you establish your melody. Having a strong melody is essential to making a good song.

  1. Recording and Sound

Once you are ready to record, you should go for it. However, you need to get a feel for the kind of sound you want. What makes a song sound contemporary? What makes your sound distinctive? These are the kinds of things you need to consider when recording.

The studio will contain various devices and pieces of equipment that can help you create the sound you want, including Reverb, EQ, Delay, and other types of processing plugins. You can work with your producer to get it just right. A producer will help you select a sound that matches your tastes. You can then go on to craft something that is fresh, original, and unique. The importance of this stage cannot be stressed enough. Your sound is your brand; it is what will make you stand out as an artist.

  1. Arranging and Editing

After you have gone through enough sessions you will have gotten the vibe and fundamentals of the song. The next step is to arrange the various parts of it into a unified and flowing whole. Putting verse, music, chorus, and the like together to forge the final creation.

Most of the time spent in this stage will be building up the different sections and cutting out all extraneous material. Your finished product should be daring, cutting edge, and alive with feeling and richness.

  1. Vocals

You will then need to get your vocals in order. You will need to spend a great deal of time creating and arranging instrumentals, but the vocals are just as important. There should be coherence of melody and beat between vocals and instruments.

  1. Post-Production

This will need to be done mostly by your producer and sound engineer. But you should have the final say on the final product. If you need to mix, you must ensure that all unnecessary frequencies are removed and that you have tamed the range of sounds so that the song contains the rhythm and effect that you desire.

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