5 Popular Songs with Electric Violin Covers

With the sweet and mellow sound an electric violin makes, you can actually play whatever music you want. In fact, if you browse video platforms today like Youtube, you’ll find lots of electric violin covers. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner in playing the electric violin, you’ll surely want to do song covers. To inspire you more, take a look at our compiled popular songs that have an electric violin cover we found on the internet.

1.    Faded – Alan Walker

Released in December 2015, Alan Walker’s Faded gained popularity and captured the hearts of other musicians. Ever since it was released, it became successful as it peaked in the top 10 in many countries’ song charts. In fact, it made a record as the 41st most-streamed single on Spotify, and the 19th most viewed music on YouTube. As a result, it became one of the trending music and musicians started exploring the said song.

There are many famous and aspiring musicians who decided to cover it and gave it a new taste. There are amazing versions of it you can watch on the internet, especially, the ones played using an electric violin.  Since it’s introduced on a default piano sound, little did people know that it would also fit best on an electric violin. To see the beauty of it, you can try playing it on your electric violin and tell us how you nailed it!

You can check out this electric violin cover of Faded that already has over 700,000 views!

2.    Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Hailed as Best Performing Song of 2017, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, garnered lots of achievements in music history. It held 2 billion streams on Spotify last 2017 and tops Canadian, UK, and US music charts within the year of release. Ed Sheeran, who’s known for making pop music, with a touch of dancehall and tropical house, had been a famous singer-songwriter right after his debut. There are other songs he produced, but Shape of You made a remarkable spot and musicians began tweaking this great music through covers.

One great cover you’ll stumble on the internet and video platforms is Shape of You played in electric violin. With its finest melody, it is such a perfect song to play on an electric violin during occasions.

If you want to try playing Shape Of You on the electric violin, you might want to watch this cover here and learn some techniques.

3.    Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Despite the Spanish origin of Despacito, it still made its way to be on top in 2017. The song, which is originally played by Fonsi and Yankee was played in a romantic and smooth way, expressing a sexual relationship. The song even became famous when singer Justin Bieber released a remix of it. As a result, the song was named as one of the best Latin songs, which makes it very interesting for the majority of musicians. Due to its romantic melody, musicians from different parts of the world started playing and exploring it using an electric violin. The results are indeed satisfying!

There are plenty of excellent Despacito electric violin covers on Youtube but one of the top favorites is Kimberly Hope’s version, no doubt this will be one of your favorites, too.

4.    Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia

Considered as the band’s last single before disbandment, Don’t You Worry Child of the Swedish House Mafia was released in 2012. It was nominated for the Grammys’ Best Dance Recording. The song, which is written in B minor, interests people in the music industry to have it covered through an electric violin. The song served as a remembrance and a legacy of the band that fans and musicians preserve until now.

You should check out this amazing cover by Caitlin De Ville to have a glimpse of it being played using an electric violin.

5.    Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

With a mix of EDM and pop music, Something Just Like This of The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, caught the attention of violinists to give it a shot. You’ll find lots of electric violin covers of this song on the worldwide web, and there is no doubt because it really deserves the spotlight. The song made noise in early 2017 in the UK, Australian, and US charts. Likewise, it was nominated for Grammys’ Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

If you’re looking for some quality covers of this song, make sure to not miss the electric string quartet cover by Gemini Strings on Youtube.

If you are looking for a great piece to cover, you can try and learn these popular songs we compiled. The fact that each song garnered achievements in the music industry means that it would be a perfect piece for you to try on your instrument today. Give it a shot, and let the world know

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