4 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Tattoo To Heal Through a Natural Process

Even though getting a new tattoo does not hamper your regular schedule, there are some things that you must avoid. This is only to allow the tattoo to heal properly over time. Since a tattoo is an open wound and the skin becomes overly sensitive, you must take special care while treating it. There are many ways in which you can boost the healing process, but some activities can hamper it as well. So, here are the 4 things you must avoid if you want your tattoo to heal naturally.

  • Using Scented Soaps – using scented soaps is a big no when you have just got yourself inked. Avoid all kinds of scented soaps for cleaning the tattoo. You must use antibacterial, unscented and mild soaps for that purpose. This is because the scented soaps contain chemicals which can actually prove to be very harmful for the tattoo. Take some lukewarm water and use a mild soap to gently clean the tattoo anytime.

  • Wearing Tight Clothing – for the first few days after getting a new tattoo, you must avoid wearing tight clothes. You have to ensure that your tattoo gets enough air in order to heal and dry. If you wear very tight clothes, it can smother the tattoo really bad. This can also lead to the risk of moisture build-up. Wear loose and comfortable clothes which can allow the tattoo to breathe. Cotton clothes are ideal.

  • Scratching – you can potentially cause damage to the tattoo even if you scratch it for a few seconds. You have to resist the urge to scratch the tattoo no matter how much it itches. Not only you can damage the sensitive skin, but also scratch off the healing scabs. Also, the germs and bacteria in your nails can lead to infection. Use an ice gel pad or a tattoo aftercare cream to get some relief from the severe itching.

  • Over Moisturizing – keeping the tattoo moisturized is a good idea. It is a vital part of the healing process. But, you avoid over-moisturize the tattoo. A thin layer of the tattoo sunscreen or cream is more than enough. If there is too much of skin cream over the tattoo, it can cut off the air supply and this will lead to the growth of bacteria. Take a small amount at first and then use some more if you need more. Don’t over apply and damage the tattoo. Use a soft cloth and pat the tattoo if you think you have put too much of cream.

Final Words – letting the tattoo heal in a natural way and keeping it safe is a mandatory task after getting inked. Direct sunlight, scratching, water, too much moisture and other factors can cause very serious damage to the tattoo. So you have to be very careful about all of them.

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