4 Amazing and Effective Ways to Promote Your Bar

Running a bar is a tough task, staying in business is tougher. Hence, you need marketing to make it easier. This article is about bar promotion ideas. Bar marketing strategies may help in attracting new customers and helps in retaining them as well. To gain new leads, you need to have great food and atmosphere to begin with. So, here are some effective ways suggested by Brutopia bar to promote your bar like a pro and ace at your business skills as well.

  1. Host live music

Live music tends to attract a lot of leads and when a bar organizes such events it also helps the bar in retaining the customers. Invite local artists as it would be a win-win for all parties involved. They may also have a passionate local fan base. And this way you can attract more customers. Once you have booked the artists, ensure to promote the event effectively. Their loyal fans will show up in your bar enhancing the customer loyalty as well. When hosting such events, ensure to get necessary music licenses so as to collect royalties from music users and redistribute them to music copyright owners.

  1. Make the most of online advertising

When you do this, you make new leads instantly. Social media sites are equipped with advanced targeting features that allow you to showcase ads to users at specific times of the day. You can choose around lunchtime or dinnertime or any time of the day that leads to greatest return on your advertising spend aka ROAS. If you can get your hands on radio advertising and have a nice budget ready, you can try that too.

  1. Showcase your menu online

People make the most of search query engines by typing generic terms like bars in NYC, bars near me etc. rather than searching for bar names. So, always have your menu ready online so that Google can index it and people can find you online. Indexing is a process where search engines add your pages into the search results. There are many websites that act as a platform to get your bar showcased like TripAdvisor, Facebook etc.

  1. Organize popup events

You may also find that some local businesses would love to collaborate with you for an evening. Hosting pop up events like craft nights, food nights etc. helps in generating more business by offering something exceptional to the customers.

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