3 Devotional Films in Telugu

While some movies will make your heart skip a beat because of their horrific scenes, some will tend to make you shed a tear and re-think some lifelong decisions. This genre can tune one into a devotee for a moment is classified under mythological or devotional movies. To reach its vast audience, Tollywood has produced quite a several Telugu films to watch both online and offline.

With a classical theme on the producer’s personal belief, these movies have a characteristic somber mood with a slow tempo soundtrack that brings about the spirit. The religious scenes in the films enable an audience to know the existence of supernatural power. The gradual fading in and out of the accompanying tunes emotionally engages an audience and psychologically prepares one for the next scene.

Shirdi Sai

This devotional film reveals the life and times of Shiridi Sai Baba, the godman who preached love and harmony. This film, which came to receive both positive remarks and criticism, features Sai Baba. Amazed by his powers, the natives start calling him Baba, who starts spreading messages of harmony, preaching about the existence of one God, which makes some villagers suspicious of his never-ending greatness for quite some time. With a great liking from the local church people, Baba convinces everyone from all religions to come to Shirdi as their place of worship.

Sri Rama Rajyam

This remake of Telugu’s first full-length color film, Lava Kusha, revolves around a young mother who sets out to the forest after Lord Rama exiles her. The young devastated and pregnant mother is found and rescued by a good sage who takes her to his house and takes care of her until the arrival of her twin sons. The sage imparts every possible knowledge on the boys who decide to leave a decade later to a drought-stricken land to get the blessings of Sri Rama and recite the Ramayan only to find out that Sri Rama was their dad.


In the plot, Lord Vishnu is informed that only a handful of people were singing the Lord’s praises in the Telugu language. As a result, the Lord sends forth His sword to be conceived as a kid to a childless couple. The kid is later born and lives a normal childhood life. He had two cousins who, according to him, were the most fabulous creations, but the Lord appears to him and challenges the young man on his thought of the most beautiful beings that he had seen. The Lord disguises Himself as Lord Venkateswara, who now happens to be the most beautiful creation that Annamayya had seen in his village. He gets lost in a different world but is again rescued by the Lord and ends up singing praises to the Lord.

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